IMG_3943On October 28th, grocers, food wholesalers and distributors, state and local government officials, and public health organizations came together to discuss potential solutions to ensure all Virginians live close to their grocer.

The summit focused on increasing access to the healthy foods all Virginians need.  Grocery stores and supermarkets can effectively improve food access while also improving the overall health of communities, creating jobs, and spurring economic development.

The group discussed the barriers to opening grocery stores in rural and urban communities that are undeserved. And while these barriers are high, it was encouraging to see everyone agree that there are solutions. It is possible to provide access to healthy food for all Virginians no matter where they live.

IMG_3918One of those solutions is Healthy food financing.  Healthy food financing can help open new stores or complete upgrades and updates for new stores. Healthy food financing can help get all Virginians closer to their grocer.

A huge thank you to Virginia Community Capital, The Food Trust, and the American Heart Association for hosting the event.  And a very special thank you to First Lady, Dorothy McAuliffe, Secretary Todd Haymore, and Delegate Israel O’Quinn for attending and for the many who traveled far and wide to participate in the discussion.

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